[VIDEO] Scientology’s Organizational Madness


All Scientologists wonder why Scientology isn’t as successful as they think it should be. The Ideal Orgs are not filling up with new people and the church is taking a beating in the media and in the court rooms almost every day. You can write this off to the psychiatrists or grand governmental conspiracies against Scientology, but that doesn’t really open the door to any handling or make these problems go away. Continue reading

[VIDEO] ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Today I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I myself have not been a heavy contributor to charities nor have I had any awareness of what ALS even was until this past week. And I think that is the entire point of the success behind this ALS campaign. With a simple video challenge done in the style of a chain letter, over 53 million dollars have been raised to help fight what has been an incurable disease with very little actual support or public awareness. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Minnesota Atheists – Part 2 – My Scientology Story

Here is part 2 of my interview on the Minnesota Atheists local cable TV show. In this part, we talk about my own experiences with Scientology, how I got involved with it and why, and what happened to me on church staff and in the church’s upper levels as a Sea Organization member.

This interview was a lot of fun and I want to thank the people at the Minnesota Atheists for having me on their show. James Zimmerman, the host of the show, is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness and understands the kind of things I’ve been through as an ex-Scientologist. I was glad to have him interview me.

[VIDEO] Minnesota Atheists Interview – Part 1 – What is Scientology?

I was interviewed in July by James Zimmerman of the Minnesota Atheists cable TV show about Scientology. In Part 1, we covered the general subject of Scientology. I described what it is, how people get involved with it through the personality test, how many members the church claims versus how many there really are, etc.  I had a lot of fun doing these interviews and getting the truth out about this group to the local community.

The best part for me is at the end where I talk about critical thinking skills and why these are so important for preventing anyone from getting sucked into the mental traps of Dianetics and Scientology.

Come on In, the Sand is Fine!

head in the sand

One of the most deadly things that a cult or mass movement does is convince its members to self-censor their thoughts and information. By this I mean they get an individual into a frame of mind where they feel that certain information is somehow dangerous to them. They must not think outside the box, so to speak. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Is Scientology a Cult?

If you look up Scientology in media reports, books or on the internet, you are going to find it described in a lot of places as a cult. I’m sure most Scientologists find this term offensive, but the truth is that they probably don’t understand what it actually means.  So I thought I would make an effort to clear this up and answer the question of “Is Scientology Actually a Cult?” Continue reading

[VIDEO] The Road to Reason

I was on TV for the first time today! Here is the link to my first televised interview. The Road to Reason is a local cable access television show in the Viriginia/Washington DC area. I was invited by the show’s producers to be on to speak about Scientology and my history with the organization. We didn’t get a chance to field any incoming phone calls because I was so busy answering the hosts’ questions for the whole time we had.

This show was a tremendous amount of fun to do and I can’t recommend getting out there and doing this kind of thing enough.

I hope you enjoy and I welcome any comments or feedback.

[VIDEO] I’m an Ex-Scientologist

Hi. I’m Chris Shelton. I’m a writer, blogger and video producer. I grew up in the Church of Scientology and worked for the organization for 25 years.

People call Scientology a cult. And they’re right. It is a cult.

But the last people who are ever going to realize that, are the Scientologists. Continue reading

The Most Critical Thing That Scientologists Need

critical thinking wood blocks

The reason that people fall for Scientology or cults like it is not because they are stupid. In fact, it’s been said that the smarter someone is, the easier they are to get involved in something like Scientology and the easier it is for them to create the cognitive dissonance (self-justification) necessary to stay involved despite seeing numerous signs and reasons to get out. Continue reading