[VIDEO] The Orlando Shooting – Why Nothing Will Change

An act of senseless violence was committed in the US this week. An individual named Omar Mateen did it. I’m not here to add fuel to the bonfire of suppositions, opinions and unfounded speculation about why Mateen carried out this attack or its consequences. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Scientology and Beyond: Intolerance and Extremism

Attending the Reason Rally this past weekend was an amazing experience and educational in ways that went far beyond what I think the organizers intended. I’ve been quite angered over the past couple of weeks as some things have started coming to light for me which I would like to start to share with you. None of what I’m about to say is meant to tarnish or paint any broad group of people or activists with the hate brush or say that I’m in any way against equal rights for everyone. I think I’ve made it pretty clear on my channel so far that I am an ardent supporter of anyone being who and what they want to be so long as that doesn’t harm anyone else or infringe on basic human rights for everyone. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Doubling Down on Madness – Scientology and JW Shunning

Scientology is not the only destructive cult that practices shunning or, as they call it, disconnection. The Jehovah’s Witnesses also engage in this toxic practice, ripping apart families and destroying lives in the process. Recently the Jehovah’s Witnesses have released a video indoctrinating its members in how to shun family members and loved ones “for their own good.” In this video, ex-JW Lloyd Evans and I discuss this video and the subject.