[VIDEO] #GoingClear – Alex Gibney Clears the World of Scientology

The new documentary from Alex Gibney called Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief has now aired on HBO and the public reaction to this has been outstanding.

The night it aired, #GoingClear was a nationally trending topic on Twitter as people live-tweeted their responses. Other than the few Tweets that Scientology purchased to forward their own messages of hate against the people speaking out in the film, almost every tweet expressed horror and outrage that the Church of Scientology would do the kinds of things depicted in the documentary, and even worse, that it has the luxury of spending tax-exempt monies to do them. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Road to Reason – HBO Documentary Pre-show

Today I was proud to be a guest on the Road to Reason, a show which airs on Fairfax County Public Access in the Washington DC area. They interviewed me  last year about my experiences with Scientology and that was a lot of fun. The producer was kind enough to invite me back today along with independent journalist Mark Ebner, and we discussed the upcoming HBO documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

The documentary has been showing to sold out theaters for the past few weeks and is finally premiering tonight on HBO. I got a chance to see it a few weeks ago in Austin and meet the director, Alex Gibney and the author of the book it’s based on, Lawrence Wright. I published my review of the movie after I saw it (here). It is without question the most powerful piece ever made on the subject of Scientology and is bringing to light its most toxic practices and abuses. I cannot recommend the film enough.

[VIDEO] What is Scientology?

(A presentation on Scientology I gave at The Secular Hub in Denver, Colorado on the evening of March 14, 2015. This transcript is not exactly what I said but this is what I had on the podium when I was talking.)

Hi there!

Well, the Church of Scientology is taking a severe beating in the media right now and the first thing I want to tell you is that they deserve every bit of it. I flew down to Texas a few days ago and saw the new documentary about Scientology that is all over the media. It’s called Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, based on the book by Pullitzer-prize winning author Lawrence Wright. I also got to meet the director, Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright at the movie screening. Continue reading

Alex Gibney Helps Us All Get Clear of Scientology


I traveled from Denver to Austin on Tuesday to see a special advance screening of Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. This is a film which defies one-word descriptions so I can’t boil it down to some adjective like “amazing” or “perfect” or “touching” because
all of those words apply and so many more.

I don’t want to give “spoilers” and there are some surprises in this film for everyone including long-time Scientology watchers and ex-Scientologists, so I’ll be sllghtly vague about some things but still do my best to convey what I got from it. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Critical Q&A #2

The second installment of my question-and-answer YouTube show. The questions I answer in this show are:

(1) (a) Good work Chris, can you explain why so called nice people like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Will Smith have anything to do with this pretty evil organisation, are they brainwashed? Have they got something on Tom and John I don’t get it?  (b) Do celebrities get special treatment within Scientology? Can you also make a video addressing this topic?

(2) If Scientology reformed like you spoke of in your first question, would you rejoin??

(3) Chris, I wish I had your moderate tone and method of rational discussion. It’s hard for me to restrain myself to an effective level of volume. When I think about all of these things going on with Scientology and what it has done to people, I just scream and want to punch people. That is really difficult for me because I lean a little Buddhist and wish I could tolerate the shame and degradation CoS imposes upon its victims/followers. My Q: What is your secret for not exploding like the Tasmanian Devil, as I seem to do?

(4) Chris, did you ever achieve the state of Clear? If so, what did you think of it at the time? What do you think now? Even if the concept of Clear is inherently flawed, do you think there’s something beneficial to having gone through all the auditing to get there (e.g. increased neuroplasticity in the brain, a general, more lucid feeling, less negative emotions daily, etc)??

(5) During your time in the Sea Org, did you notice any change in regards to how long the average teenager lasts after graduating from the EPF versus how long the average teen-aged recruit from your generation lasted?

On the Shoulders of Giants

Isaac Newton quote

Although I have tried at every turn to give credit where credit is due, frankly I think so far that I have done an inadequate job. So I’m taking this opportunity now to dedicate an entire post to just this subject of acknowledging the giants upon whose shoulders I stand. This is something important in the community of ex-Scientologists and a point that should not be ignored by any of us who are relatively newly coming out of Scientology. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Critical Q&A #1

This is the first of a new show I am starting to answer questions people have been asking me in the comments section of my YouTube channel. My channel is up to just about 2,000 subscribers now and many have asked me questions in the comments sections of my videos. While I’ve tried to address some of those by answering them in the comments, I think a video show format will allow me more time to give answers of more complete length.

Here are the questions answered in this first show:

(1) How do you repair an organization that has caused so much pain and suffering to otherwise good and caring people? I don’t know, I think Scientology has passed the point of no return. And I don’t think Miscavige is going to change, not while he’s sitting on a billion dollars.

(2) Great vid. Thanks for making this. Have you heard about Steven Christ and his concave earth cult?

(3) Chris, love your work & concept of critical thinking. Could you take a minute and explain Cof$ concept of Xenu, when it is introduced to Scientologists, why the secrecy and why Tommy David flat out denied it as a spokesman for the church, I mean CULT?

(4) Do you get trolls? I always suspect Scientologists just don’t use YouTube but can’t tell for sure.