[VIDEO] A Peek Behind the Curtain of Scientology – Part 1

If you are curious about Scientology, how it works or what its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was really all about, then I think this is the video for you. In this, I’m going to actually give you a window into the deepest and most important part of Scientology and exactly how Hubbard convinces his followers that Scientology is the most important thing in the world, more important than their job, their money or even their friends and family. So let’s take a look and see what’s behind the curtain. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Label Me, Negate Me, Hate Me

“Once you label me you negate me.”
Søren Kierkegaard (Danish philosopher, 1813-1855)

It’s been said that no one is born naturally hating other people and that’s something I happen to agree with. So where does that hate come from? I have a few points I’d like to bring up and I want you to hear me out on this because this is important. Continue reading

[VIDEO] The Value of an Open Mind

It’s funny how, since I’ve left Scientology behind me, how I keep running into
certain principles and rules they have which are totally contrary to living a
rational and sane life. I just recently came across one of these instances and
I was really surprised to discover how important this actually is. Continue reading

[VIDEO] The Fake Science of Scientology – Purification Rundown

One of the most practical uses of critical thinking in everyday life is ferreting out fraudulent or
nonsensical claims made by advertisers, media pundits, political figures and religious leaders. You might be surprised to hear this, but a great deal of the claims that you hear coming from these people when it comes to health, beauty, diet and even the environment are total nonsense without a shred of proof or evidence backing up what they are saying. Continue reading