[VIDEO] Ron Miscavige’s Ruthless – Review and Commentary

David Miscavige is the head of Scientology and Ron Miscavige Snr, his father, just published a new book called Ruthless about David and the Church. Of course, Scientology is ramping up every possible effort to derail the book’s success and smear Ron Miscavige. Here I talk about that effort and review the book itself.

[VIDEO] Scientology’s Desperate Media Tactics

From all indications, it appears that the Church of Scientology will soon be opening their Scientology Media Production center in Los Angeles. I earlier stated they would delay the opening as long as possible in order to use the opportunity for as much fundraising as possible, similar to the way the Super Power building in Clearwater Florida was not opened for over a decade and generated over a hundred million dollars as a result. Recent circumstances have forced them to speed up their time table. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Me, My Mom and Scientology – Part 3

In this 4-part series, I interview my Mom about Scientology, our mutual history with it and how she helped me to escape. In this third part, we talk about disconnection, my life in the Sea Org and why we did not see each other a lot when I was in but how we stayed connected despite every reason Scientology was giving me to get her out of my life.

[VIDEO] Critical Q&A #52

The show where I answer your questions. Please leave any comments or feedback in the comments section here below. I see everything and want to hear from you.

Link to CFI booksigning event: http://goo.gl/CRav7r

The questions I answer this week are:

(1) I’ve heard Scientology referred to as an all-white religion up until it began recruiting from the Nation of Islam. Certainly Hubbard was racist. My question is this: what was it like to emerge from the Scientology bubble into the larger, multi-racial world?

(2) Chris, aren’t most, if not all, of the gains in Scientology just a placebo response?

(3) What are thoughts on the gun culture of America. Why do Americans hang onto the 2nd amendment to justify mass shootings and the entitlement of gun ownership. What can your great country do to go in another direction?

(4) Hi Chris, as a critical thinker, what is your opinion on the legalization of Marijuana? Also, has there ever been an incident involving a Sea Org member(s) caught smoking or possessing weed or any other illegal drug?

(5) Boko-Haram and arguably ISIS, the Taliban and other Islamist groups seemingly have all the indicators and fit the pattern of destructive cults. Do you agree? Will the elimination of the leaders of such cults disrupt the cult enough to break up the organization or will another leader arise? Do cults, once established, require autocratic leadership to survive as a group? Will the true believers, in their need that the organization continue, accept whoever acquirers that leadership position, no matter how ill gotten? Isn’t a yes answer to the previous questions kinda scary?

(6) Hey Chris, quick question for you. Do you know if any military personnel could also be Scientologists? Would the Co$ allow it?

(7) Do you ever think someday there will be sects of Scientology, or is that still considered being ‘squirrelly’ whatever that means?

(8) Hi Chris! Thank you so much for continuing to put out such high quality videos. I hope this isn’t too personal a question, but I was wondering what it is that you do for work now that you are out of the Sea Org. I would assume that your work on Scientology and critical thinking is supplemental to another source of income, but I could be wrong. You have spoken before about how the Sea Org helped give you many career skills, such as public speaking. In the work you do now – both the YouTube/podcast work and also any other work you might do – what other skills that you learned in Scientology have you been bringing to bear? Thank you so much for answering and wishing you continued luck in all you do.