[VIDEO] Scientology and PTSD

I’ve talked at length in many of my videos of the toll that destructive groups like Scientology take on their members. They consume endless amounts of money, time and attention and can rob people of the best years of their life, toiling away for some “wonderful cause” that in reality is nothing more than a money making scam, a manipulative effort to control people’s lives or worst of all, a violent terrorist group that indiscriminately kills the innocent. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Ron Miscavige’s Ruthless – Review and Commentary

David Miscavige is the head of Scientology and Ron Miscavige Snr, his father, just published a new book called Ruthless about David and the Church. Of course, Scientology is ramping up every possible effort to derail the book’s success and smear Ron Miscavige. Here I talk about that effort and review the book itself.

[VIDEO] Scientology’s Desperate Media Tactics

From all indications, it appears that the Church of Scientology will soon be opening their Scientology Media Production center in Los Angeles. I earlier stated they would delay the opening as long as possible in order to use the opportunity for as much fundraising as possible, similar to the way the Super Power building in Clearwater Florida was not opened for over a decade and generated over a hundred million dollars as a result. Recent circumstances have forced them to speed up their time table. Continue reading